which dress tumblr!? i have a wedding tonight. :/

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  2. patucha57 said: Lovely
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  4. i-ve-always-been-a-mess said: black
  5. nvrlndr said: Black!
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  8. elsamarchant said: for a wedding… uh I’d say the red/pink with dots ^^
  9. shannakeyes said: I love the one on the right!
  10. lorenbaites said: the pink/red!x
  11. bobphotog said: The pink!
  12. jamesskaar said: red, the black is a bit revealing, but you do look quite nice in it.
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    i like the black one better…but i wouldnt wear black to a wedding…hmmm…
  14. mistaroke said: Black! :)
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  16. aprilfirst said: black! <3
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  18. she-creature said: Black!
  19. p-p-poppins said: BLACK!
  20. hellosailor said: They’re both beautiful but the black one is gorgeous :) x
  21. kurokosmilkythighs said: We have the same taste in clothing I swear it! They’re both so lovely, but I say the polka dots c:
  22. intopaleblue said: The black one looks so beautiful on you!
  23. lipstickandspecs said: the black one :)
  24. paradoxicaldaydreams said: They are both awesome, but the one on the right looks more wedding-y lol :) Have fun!
  25. strayingatdaybreak said: The black one!
  26. lilpendeja said: the 1st one
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  • Posted: 06 October 2012